Anuga 2023 proved to be an extraordinary trade fair filled with exciting encounters and opportunities. It was a great pleasure to meet each one of you and resume in-person business, making us feel closer than ever.

Now that we are back in Italy, we are already working diligently to provide you with the same excellence in our rice product, as we have always done. At the same time, we aim to establish strong working relationships with each of you because we firmly believe in the importance of building successful collaborations.

We look forward to seeing you again soon and sharing our inherent passion and professionalism in the rice industry with you. We are ready to embark on this extraordinary journey together and work closely for mutual benefit. Thank you once again for making Anuga 2023 a memorable event!

Takara Tomy's collaboration

During the remarkable showcase of Anuga 2023, we had the privilege of collaborating with the renowned Japanese brand Takara Tomy, a leading toy company. Our choice to partner with them was driven by the exciting launch of a groundbreaking product called "kyukyoku no onigiri" (The Ultimate Onigiri), a compact device capable of automatically shaping the popular Japanese rice ball, the onigiri.


The use of this tool allowed us to excel in our performance, successfully captivating and entertaining our customers while delighting them with our selection of high-quality rice. This collaboration was an extraordinary synergy, combining the tradition of our rice with Takara Tomy's innovation, creating an unforgettable experience for all who visited our booth.