Okomesan Musenmai from Japan 5kg

Okomesan 5kg musenmai (wash-free rice) for both domestic and professional use.

Okomesan 20kg

20kg pack for professionals.

Okomesan 5kg vacuum packed

Vacuum pack of 5kg, for those who consume rice daily or for commercial use.

Okomesan 1kg vacuum packed

Okomesan 1kg vacuum packed great for personal use, for those who want to make a plate of sushi at home.

Our strength

Okomesan means quality


Our products are the result of constant and careful control. The brand Okomesan is only given to rice that reflects all the necessary characteristics.


Oltre il nostro naturale senso giapponese per identificare un buon riso, abbiamo più di 20 anni di esperienza nel settore, un Sommelier del Riso nel team e supporti tecnologici che ci permettono una resa autentica del prodotto.


We are always available to our clients and client's customers. We also give support on site for further information about our rice.

Okomesan per la cucina giapponese

Da più di vent’anni, selezioniamo tra le diverse varietà di riso italiano, quello che più si avvicina a quello prodotto in Giappone: un riso piccolo e tondo dall’aspetto perlaceo, ad elevata capacità di assorbimento e con un gusto inconfondibilmente dolce e delicato.

Solo il riso che rispecchia tutte le caratteristiche necessarie, viene marchiato Okomesan.

About us

A family-run company that connects the Pavia countryside to the whole world.
Hajime Morimoto

Hajime Morimoto

President Founder

The company frontman. In Italy for more than 40 years, he has created his own business from nothing by connecting Japanese and Italian culture.

Chikako Morimoto

Chikako Morimoto

President Founder

Hajime's wife, the mind of the company's various projects. She never misses the opportunity to create links for increasingly innovative works.

Sari Morimoto

Sari Morimoto

Administrator member

Born in Italy, but raised with a Japanese education, she carries on the family business from a new point of view, taking advantage of artistic training and culinary skills such as rice sommelier.


Elisa Corti

Assistant to the President

An essential figure, she takes care of the company's paperwork.

Speak about us

Some articles about collaborations and interviews
La cucina italiana

La cucina italiana

The rice for sushi is Italian

"The story of Haijme Morimoto who, in the 90s, found the perfect rice for sushi in Italy...."

La provincia Pavese

La Provincia Pavese

From Japan to Albonese «Sushi and rice from Lomellina»

"Hajime Morimoto has moved here for years and trades the local product. It has been awarded by the Municipality for" having made the little town known in the world ""

Milano weekend

Milano Weekend

Flavors and Fragrances from the world with the Rice Cluster

"... Hajime Morimoto, a Japanese rice producer in Italy. Morimoto has managed to bring to the Italian market a product with exceptional quality standards, Okomesan, in all respects similar to the autochthonous ones."

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La magia di un ingrediente millenario: il riso

"Ci ha raggiunto in sala con passo svelto il Sig. Morimoto, che elargisce sorrisi sinceri mentre racconta del suo lavoro. "

D Repubblica

D Repubblica

Who cultivates the chef's vegetable garden?

"... Hajime Morimoto brings rice to Okabe. Who is Mr. Morimoto? He is the founder of Italpo, based in the Pavia area ..."

sale & pepe


Ten don: riso giapponese con verdure

"...lo chef Ichikawa...ha cucinato il riso Okomesan prodotto in Italia dal signor Morimoto."

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Mirai, nuova varietà di riso premium per la cucina giapponese.


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